Chapter 16 - Page 22

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Little secrets will probably turn into big problems later.

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Reply K.K., 05 Mar 2010

Another damn cliffhanger. It's like watching LOST.

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Reply Sol, 07 Mar 2010

Theorize away, heh.

The answer to this question won't be revealed for quite some time, I'm afraid.

It's something that Shutendoji doesn't want Kratos to know though, as you can see.

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Reply BlackCatz, 09 Mar 2010

I gotta agree with K.K. on this one.. it IS like watching Lost with your twisted mind behind all of this, Sol ^^;

Interesting...I wanna know what Shutendoji isn't telling Kratos... hm.

Edit: I just checked the character bios, and looks like Masai isn't there... you guys gonna update it soon?

Reply K.K., 09 Mar 2010

Argh, I need to redo all the profile pics in there...

Reply Xweetke, 11 Mar 2010

Lol XD now you mention it... it's truely just like Lost XD

Except for the fact that Lost is boring and this is just awesome ^^

Reply LS (Guest), 30 Jul 2010


I think Steph is the reincarnation-thingy of Celestia, that character that we know almost nothing about! That, and/or she's really someone that had something to do with Kratos.

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