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Heart of Stone.

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Reply K.K., 16 Mar 2010

I've had this drawn for a while but I colored it in a rush... kinda sleepy since I wasted too much time last night playing FFXIII. It's such an awesome game, and to everyone who complains how linear it is, have you never played an RPG before?

It's nice to see Final Fantasy being good again... something just felt off about FFXII. I think it was probably because a) it was REALLY brown and b) I still, to this day, have no idea what the plot was.

Also, Fang is ridiculously overpowered. Pretty much have to make her the party leader, if only to use Bahamut.

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Reply Sol, 16 Mar 2010

EDIT: OK, third time's a charm.

First off, I expect some people are curious about Kai's complete 180 here from where he stood just moments ago when he couldn't stop or even resist Stephanie when she betrayed him.

There is a reason for this. What it really boils down to is psychology. I tend to pry into the human mind a lot in my stories, figuring out what would cause a person to do certain things.

When Stephanie betrayed him, he had just finished gathering up his courage and admitting his true feelings to himself when he confessed. Add that to his young age and naivety, Kai found himself frozen in place, not able to figure out what to do.

He's now had time to think things over, and he realizes that what he did in surrendering there was a very bad thing to do. What he's trying to do now is prevent that from happening again, by pushing her away. He still doesn't really want to hurt her physically, but by forcing her to fend for herself, she would likely be killed. Though for Kai, it's one of those "Out of sight, out of mind" scenarios.

Cold? Perhaps. Though most people tend to care about their own problems first before they start worrying about others, unfortunately.

I hope this answers some questions you may have had. More answers are coming soon though.

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Reply Xweetke, 17 Mar 2010

(inna sort of evil/grumpy mood)

Oh yeah take that bitch! that's what you get for betraying the man! XD

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