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Reply K.K., 22 Mar 2010

The page is looking at him from below. Err, if it wasn't obvious... I dunno why I picked such a weird angle to draw it from. Maybe for the thrill of it? By the way, the long rant below is all about Final Fantasy ('cuz that's what's on my mind, after blitzing through XIII). Uh, feel free to skip it, I'm just venting.

I was considering going back and finishing Final Fantasy XII (In retrospect, the only Final Fantasy that I've played and NOT gotten 100% of the things in). But then again, FFXII was like my least favorite one...The thought of having to mess around with the Gambit system again makes me a little unwell. It's the one with that evil boss that's got like 30 million billion health that runs away from you. That thing'd take days for me to kill... 'cuz right now, it swats me and I die in like 10 seconds, so FIRST I'd have to mindlessly level. I get the feeling that my only hope would be to cast "Provoke, Reverse, Stop" so that he'd mindlessly attack one immortal person. Doesn't help that I can't get the ultimate weapon. What sort of game requires you to NOT open treasure chests to get the ultimate weapon? The more I reflect on it, the less appealing it all sounds. The concept of Espers by itself already confuses me

While I'm on this rant, what's with all the talk of "r emaking FFVII" - why does FFVII deserve a remake more than any of the others? Sure it was good, but why it evokes such a reaction from the fanbase confuses me. Honestly, if you're gonna remake one with better graphics... FFVI should be done, if only to see Terra in glorious cinematic rendering (Dissidia proved she'd look awesome). Advent Children wasn't a great movie (Great cinematics, but overall it didn't make a lot of sense...) and there are spin offs like Crisis Core. I never saw a spin off called "The Legend of Rinoa" or something (Though I woulda liked that, since FFVIII did a lousy job of explaining anything about her). I realize that the last FF game to get a spin off was FFXII, which is infuriating, given how this rant began...

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Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2010

Since K.K. went on a FF rant, so will I.

I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of FF7 because the game's graphics make my eyes hurt compared to FF8 and 9 that were released on the same system.

However, I heavily dislike FF7. I know I'm in the minority there. But I hate Cloud, and I dislike Sephiroth... sure he looks cool, but that's all he's got for him. He's not that strong, and his motives suck.

Crisis Core on the other hand? THAT game was awesome. Zack was a WAY better hero than Cloud was. A really likable guy, and a bit of a tragic figure in the end. His death touched me far more than Aeris did (Hell, I didn't care about her all that much <.<. I found her rather useless for the most part. Though I liked her role in Crisis Core.)

FF7 will likely continue to get spin-offs though. After all, while Crisis Core finally explained several mysteries that were 10 years old, it left MORE mysteries in it's place.

FF9 remains my favourite. FF12 reminded me of playing an MMO. I never did get far in that one. I've started playing FF8 again, as I REALLY liked the story of that one, from where I got last time, but that game is pretty challenging without a guide. The only way to upgrade your weapon? You have to find INVISIBLE weapon guides, and then find hard to find parts needed for that weapon. I say hard to find, because only certain enemies drop them and you have no idea what enemies they are or where they are. I never was able to upgrade Squall's weapon in that game <.<. I have a better idea of what I'm doing this time though.

I know Squall is sometimes described as a bit "emo," but I find Cloud to be far more emo than he is, and at least Squall is a DYNAMIC CHARACTER unlike the boring static Cloud.

Anyways, SquareEnix has already stated fairly recently that they have no intention of releasing a new FF7 with updated graphics, and instead just released it as a download on their PlayStation Network in it's original form.

FF12's story didn't seem as bad as FF10's though. FF10's story was so bad that I stopped playing it before reaching the end.

Reply K.K., 23 Mar 2010

They've been flip-flopping on the topic of a remake of FFVII. That's the frustrating part; I don't know whether I should expect something or not ('cuz despite my complaints, it's so obvious that I'd buy it X_X). It's like with Capcom talking about the next project after Street Fighter IV (I'm hearing Darkstalkers, and I like. But I'd be happier with a new Rival Schools... Akira is so awesome)

Sol's opinion is really different than mine, hahahaa. FFVII was good... I actually preferred Tifa to Aeris, but the second playthrough had me liking Aeris a lot. In many ways, she's really Cloud's perfect girl (his mom even says so in his flashback, the girl she describes is Aeris to a T)

FFVIII was good, but the story was a gigantic mess at times.

FFX is probably my favorite one, actually... T__T It saddens me a bit that Sol doesn't like it. You just have to realize that Tidus isn't really central to the story at all (It's the Yuna show)

FFXIII is really up there though. The game system feels like merge between FFXII and FFX, which is really the happy medium.

Never played Crisis Core or FFIX. I wonder how they stack up. Like I said though - the one they NEED to remake is FFVI. It's probably got the best story out of all of them.

Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2010

I suppose I should give a spoiler warning to anyone who hasn't played FFX yet, since it's a bit of a plot twist. So, consider yourself warned.

But the fact that practically EVERYONE in the story is dead in FFX kind of frustrated me. It was such a horrible plot device.

"Oh my god, they killed Seymour! Oh wait, he's back again... and again... and again... and again... why won't you die?! Because I'm already dead!" <.<.


I preferred Tifa over Aeris myself as well. I think I beat the game with the original three, as I like to call them, Cloud, Tifa and Barrett.

I prefer Zack and Aeris as a couple myself, personally. If you played Crisis Core, then you'd know what I mean.

Even after Zack died and Cloud somehow got in his head that he was Zack during the Nibelheim incident (which is still never really explained, with possible explanation that the mako poisoning messed with his brain when Hojo experimented on him. I love how Cloud tells Zack that he'll never forget his sacrifice, and then moments later has no idea who he is when Aeris asks about him <.<) that Aeris was still more interested in Zack than Cloud, and was hoping Cloud would know more about what had happened to Zack.

Despite my gripes about FF7, I too would buy a remake of it. Hopefully they'd fill in the plot holes while they were at it <.<.

Oh, and what's the deal with them re-naming Aeris "Aerith"? I've never head the explanation on that. I prefer Aeris, personally, and I will continue to refer to her as such.

Reply K.K., 23 Mar 2010

FFX-2 solved the dead issue, sort of. And Seymour was a tool. I enjoyed him coming back over and over so I could whup him.

I hated Barrett... And Aeris real name is Aerith (That's how she appears in Kingdom Hearts, too, I think...) - Aeris is a mistranslation, I think. How could you not use Aeris though? In the early game, her limits were super useful, and her magic stat was through the roof.

One of the reasons FFVII was so good was that the system of powering up (Materia) was relatively easy (though my favorite method remains FFX's sphere grid, for sheer customization).

Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2010

I'm one of the few people who like Barrett XD.

Eh, I prefer to have my characters to have a good physical attack. MP is limited after all. It's not worth using her to get her better limit breaks when she dies after the first disc when you can use that time on other characters.

FFX was very technically sound, I will admit. The Sphere Grid was pretty good, as was the ability to switch party members mid-battle, something that's never been really done before, unless someone can correct me. I still wasn't fond of the story though.

Reply K.K., 23 Mar 2010

But if you don't use her, you've got a party with either Red or Barrett, and both suck... It's like using Rico in Xenogears; you either love him or hate him for his ability to move slow as molasses and kill a guy in one shot.

Besides, if you take Tifa and Aeris, it's really funny when Barrett goes "Oh, so that's how it is, huh?" when you leave Midgard.

FFX's story appeals to the romantic in me, I guess. The whole metaphysical angle and the concept of sacrifice and the afterlife was also rather interesting. Plus it looks gorgeous. FFXII came out after it, but it looks crummier in my opinion. It's too. damn. brown. Final Fantasy should be colorful like VI, X or XIII, or rather filled with a lot of black and white like VII, VIII or Versus XIII.

Versus XIII has an airship?! One of the bummers of FFXIII... it takes forever to walk. And they're not kidding about the difficulty level - it literally is like hitting a giant brick wall in Chapter 11. I love it though... screw everyone who says it's too linear, the point of the game is to tell a story. The only bummer about it is that you don't get a full party until way late in the game - I literally NEVER used Snow after like Chapter 3.

User's Comments:

Reply Captain Ghost, 23 Mar 2010

Hah, nice back and forth you guys have going there : P

Although, the only FFs I've played are a couple of the Tactics (and even then, only briefly), and an old one (III?) I have for my old Game Boy. So I guess I can't really comment much there. @ @

And... hmm.. I think I recall that coughing scene, if it's the one I'm thinking of. -ponder-

Reply ienmdb, 24 Mar 2010

Yeah I recently heard about the FFVII remake and looks like they've really been talking into it now. I think it's totally unfair that they just keep bringing out all these FFVII compilation games with no regard to the others (which are just as great story-wise and deserve the same attention).

Well I guess that's all to blame on those fuckin' 11-year old FFVII fanboys who can't seem to shut their trap:

"Oh Sephiroth is teh coolest!!1!111! He has long hair lololol.
Cloud I want ur babehs loloollol"


Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2010

@ienmdb: The reason why they can keep releasing all of these FF7 compilation games is because the plot was so confusing and full of plot holes that they needed the other games to fill them up <.<. Seriously, Crisis Core filled in quite a few plot holes from FF7. Dirge of Cereberus... that basically filled all of the plot holes surrounding Vincent. Who really isn't that important to the story, if you think about it, considering it's possible to beat the game without him (as I did the first time, not knowing he existed until I heard how to get him <.<).

Also Genesis apparently appears at the end of Dirge of Cerebrus, though it's been several years since I've played that game and I only rented it, so I can't recall. Though apparently Genesis' re-appearance just opened things up for the possibility of yet another "sequel" game -_-.

Most of the other FF games don't get prequels/sequels because THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THEM. The game actually FINISHED THE STORY.

/end rant.

Reply K.K., 24 Mar 2010

FFX had a sequel and it ended neatly in the first one. It felt like they only added X-2 because FFX ended in a rather depressing way.

FFVIII needed a sequel... or a reimagining... or something.

Reply ienmdb, 24 Mar 2010

FFIV had a sequel as well... and I definitely don't think it needed one in order to complete its story... Heck, even FFV had an OVA sequel!

FF stories are just so rich that any one of them could've gotten a sequel/prequel regardless of how each one was ended (or how many plot holes they had).

Reply K.K., 24 Mar 2010

IV had a sequel? IV's one of the few I never played. Is it a direct sequel or something? (The first direct sequel was supposed to be FFX, but I dunno if I was being lied to).

A lot of Square games run out of time/money in development, unfortunately, so the games are cut short at the end. Xenogears in particular bugs me - the entire last disc is a giant flashback because it was developed at the same time as FFVII (which effectively crippled the budgets for both...) It almost seems like Square suffers from bouts of near-bankruptcy between Final Fantasy games, heh

Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2010

Yeah, I forgot that FFIV got a sequel. It's a Wiiware game, where they release a new "episode" of it every month or something. I've been meaning to try it, since I beat FFIV when they re-made that on the DS with improved graphics and voiceovers (it'd be cool if they at least did that for FFXI.)

Reply K.K., 25 Mar 2010

FFXI was an MMORPG, so "Sequels" would be "updates"

Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2010

*laughs* my bad, I meant to say FFVI

Reply CPD, 01 Feb 2011

I would still be a little hard on her. If she really loved him she's sacrifice herself to keep him safe :p

Reply Sol, 01 Feb 2011

@CPD: She had every intention to. But Si wouldn't let her, as you'll see.

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