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Steph hates camping.

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Reply K.K., 22 Mar 2010

It's flashback time! Steph doesn't look to hot there.

Well, hot as in "good" not hot as in "hot" 'cuz let's face it, disheveled hair is kinda hot.

Well, I guess it kinda depends. Or something. I don't really know where I was going with this.

In summation, TL;DR if you will: She's a bit sick.

For those that want to know, this happened all the way back in Chapter 12. The art's changed a bit since then, heh.

But yeah, Sol finally decides to explain that scene, like 4 chapters later...That was almost a year ago.

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Reply Sol, 23 Mar 2010

If you can't tell there, she's coughing up blood.

Haha, I guess it has been almost a year. About 10.5 months.

But yeah, this is one of the moments I used to foreshadow the betrayal. This is what Si saw when he opened that tent before, and the reason why he refused to let Kai take shift that night.

Why is Stephanie dying? You'll find out next.

Reply Sol, 24 Mar 2010

Accursed Dillemas! My DS's battery has nearly given up the ghost. It can't even last two hours now. I have the original DS, btw.

I had been considering upgrading to the DSi before this revelation anyways, so I could get the WPA compatibility, since it's a major pain trying to get WEP to work (plus it's not as secure), but then Nintendo had to announce that they are releasing a new DS, the 3DS, capable of showing games in 3D without 3D Glasses, as early as the end of this year or early next year.

When I heard that, I figured I'd just wait until that came out and then upgrade to that, but with my battery not even being able to last my workday anymore (commute and lunch break), I may have to upgrade to the DSi after all -_-.

Reply K.K., 24 Mar 2010

It's probably better to just get a new DS immediately than wait for anything Nintendo promises. Nintendo always springs delays on me, I have no faith in them. Get one of these

Aaah, I want to try Resonance of Fate...while it looks cool, my interest is more in how the actual battle system works. When somebody says it's nontraditional and "new," I itch to try it, if only to support the developers for trying something different.

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Reply Captain Ghost, 25 Mar 2010


Wtf?! You serious?

You've got me interested now. ,___, -goes off to research-

Reply BlackCatz, 26 Mar 2010

Whew~ I missed a lot when I left to play SoulSilver...

I've a DSi, and it's awesome. I dunno if I'll get the DSi's kinda weird.. I saw the real thing in the states at a con I went to last weekend, and had a go at playing it.. it's not bad, but it's big ^^; and I didn't really like the look of the graphics on the larger screen..but then again, I'm used to a black DSi that might make an difference.

Now I'm off to finish SoulSilver and then begin on HeartGold.

by the way, Sol, didn't you look into getting new battery for your DS?

Reply Sol, 26 Mar 2010

@BlackCatz: Do they even still make those? I'm pretty sure they only make them for DSLite and above. I know they stopped making Styluses for the original DS (which is a major pain for me, since the Lite Styluses don't fit into the DS.) so I kind of expected them to not sell new batteries for it as well. It's a bit outdated now, after all.

Reply BlackCatz, 27 Mar 2010

@ Sol: I think they still have them for the original DS...I know I didn't have any problem getting hold of one through my source when I needed a replacement (I had the original DS before the fatal bath in diet coke by my brother...and that was shortly before I met you f2f at AE last even if they've stopped making the batteries, I'm sure some of the stores still have the odd one floating around their inventories. Give it a go.

BTW, your new ava is awesome...Oonie is really the best~

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