Chapter 16 - Page 33

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She has a right to be angry, methinks

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Reply K.K., 24 Mar 2010

Kai probably had good reason for acting the way he did, and I think Stephanie has good reason now. It's kinda a crappy situation either way huh.

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Reply Sol, 25 Mar 2010

Stephanie DID try to explain the curse to Kai earlier, but Kai wouldn't listen to her and drove her away. So that's one of the reasons she's a little miffed at him.

Reply Sol, 04 Apr 2010

DREAM Manga Starting in May, The Lone Swordsman will be featured in a monthly online Webmanga Magazine called DREAM, which is run by Ki Hiwatari.

TLS will be featured on odd numbered months, with a full chapter in each one. So, it will still be quite awhile before the magazine version catches up to us here.

If you're interested in an excuse to reading the story over again, then you can read the magazine versions when they are released online. You might be able to catch my various foreshadowing this time around ;). The magazine versions will not include filler pages.

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Reply BlackCatz, 04 Apr 2010


Congrats guys on joining DREAM...I read the magazine, as I'm good friends with Ki-kun, and the magazine itself's really good.

I'll look forward to catching all the little foreshadowing I missed the first time around xD

Reply Sol, 05 Apr 2010

Despite reading Ki's comics for awhile, I only recently heard about it when DanaBoBana (artist of On The Bright Side, which I highly recommend) stated she joined it in her News section. I would have joined sooner had I known XD.

Reply BlackCatz, 05 Apr 2010

Yeah, I know. I read On the Bright Side too.

Ki-kun's one of those quiet people.. heh.

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