Chapter 17 - Page 9

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Celene ready to kick some @$$

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Reply K.K., 12 Apr 2010

Ya know, it might've been smarter to use it as a bow. The bow and arrow, and later the gun, ended the medieval ages of close range fighting for a reason.

Too bad they'll never look as cool as using a sword though.

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Reply Sol, 12 Apr 2010

Kai was too fast for Celene's arrows to hit him at range. She probably felt that she had a better chance with melee.

Reply K.K., 13 Apr 2010

>_< If you can't hit somebody from super long range with a sneak attack, the odds that a close range move is gonna work instead is like nil, heh.

You can just FEEL that this isn't gonna go well, can't you? First of all, it's way too early in the chapter to beat Mid-Boss, and second, Celene is like Masai; the "Worf Effect" character of the series that gets whupped in order to show how tough an enemy is.

User's Comments:

Reply K.K., 03 May 2010

So apparently the last update was missed... oops. I had these comics set up like a month in advance, so I was guessing on the dates, and I guess I overlooked one. Gomenasai

If it's any consolation, the comics are set up for another 2 weeks, so you're all set for this Zelander battle.

Reply Sol, 03 May 2010

I noticed that the dates were set a day ahead, so I fixed the dates. That's why an update temporarily vanished.

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