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Celene is quite the pretty projectile.

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Reply K.K., 07 May 2010

So, Iron Man 2 is fun. Seen it a few times already... I won't really spoil anything, but reader beware anyways?

I love how the whole Marvel world is coming together for The Avengers in 2012. Timeline-wise, Iron Man is first, then Iron Man 2, then The Incredible Hulk (2008, the good one, not the one that Ang Lee butchered). Captain America and Thor coming soon, too. Too bad I don't like Captain America much (he's your standard, all-American prettyboy who was pretty much created solely as propaganda, and as a character, he's kind of boring). Spider-man is the best Marvel creation to me (uhh... before the "too many clones" thing started), followed by Iron Man (who was only created because Stan Lee was in a mood and created what he assumed would be a character everyone hated - Tony Stark, drunk playboy war profiteer). Most people would probably think "X-Men" are the best, but I like the idea of the lone warrior who CAN work with a team, but usually doesn't. Tragic figure, that.

Also, if you stuck around till after the credits in Iron Man 2, the bonus scene is nice (like how they gave the nod to The Avengers in the first movie, or how The Incredible Hulk gives the nod to Iron Man, since it came out before Iron Man, even if chronologically it's after Iron Man 2)

The movie also makes references to The Incredible Hulk (his "rampage" is on the TV screens) and to Captain America (that's NOT what a shield should be used for...) They also explore Stark working for the Avengers (which he is doing in The Incredible Hulk, so you know that movie comes after, chronologically)

I wonder if they'll make references to Wolverine soon (since I'm kinda hoping that Scarlett Johansson is reunited with her husband Ryan Renoylds, who plays Deadpool). But I doubt Deadpool will be anywhere near the Avengers... (The X-Men affiliates REALLY don't play well with others, huh... they're like the Fantastic Four in that respect). Also, wondering if Spider-Man will be in the Avengers. In the comics, he was, but only temporarily, and only for a short time (Spider-man tends to work by himself). I'd like to see Spider-man meet Ironman though, since Iron-Spider is awesome looking.

Now, to await Iron Man 3, where the Mandarin finally makes an appearance (or so I've been promised...) Which is good, since the enemies so far have been "meh" - The Whiplash-Dynamo who is a merger of like 3 different people was kinda odd. Also, War Machine is gonna have his own movie, too, right? Rhodey has always been kinda annoying to me (he doesn't get Stark's ideals at all...) and I kind of preferred him in the first movie (he was funnier/less of a jerk - but that's mainly because of script differences, not bad acting)

You can kind of tell I'm a comic book nerd (despite me never reading comic books... go figure. I live off of movies, and I'm glad that Marvel and DC have been pumping them out). DC also announced yet another Batman movie (ugh... I don't actually like Batman much, but Bale's Batman is really good, I guess). On the plus side, DC = GREEN LANTERN movie, so looking forward to that. Ryan Reynolds again... Green Lantern AND Deadpool, huh? Nifty. By the way, Green Arrow < Green Hornet < Green Lantern. So Green Hornet movie, sorry, I'm not as excited. Just like I'm not that excited about the Ant Man (GiAnt Man) movie - Henry/Hank Pym, sigh... where's my live-action Dr. Strange? Or Dr. Fate for DC - though in both cases, those guys are ridiculously overpowered.

By the way, I HATE new Google... it's screwing me up that now there's a giant waste of space on the left side of my screen. Why not let me change it in my search settings? I'm logged in to my Google account all the time anyways.

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Reply Sol, 09 May 2010

Replies @Meticulous Maladies: Haha, yeah, I can see that. Here's a few more lines you could add to it :P.

2nd Panel

Si: Get your hands off my woman!

3rd panel

*kissing sound effects*

Disclaimer: I'm not actually saying there's anything between Si and Celene though XD.

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Reply Meticulous Maladies (Guest), 10 May 2010

Frame one = Oh dear lord, her. face. is. hilarious. It looks like she got backhanded REALLY hard in panel one D:! Like a pimp slap from super man.
Frame two = "oh shit" moment.
Frame three = Needed a "Wham" sound effect. Or perhaps a "Thwack".

Reply BlackCatz, 10 May 2010

That's one way to get rid of a possible threat ...throw a cutie at it >_>

*hides from K.K.* Don't tell me too much! I'm waiting for Iron Man 2 to come out on bites that I'm deaf at times like these ^^; *closes door on study*...what comics? >_>; and no, I'm not letting you guys loose in there, I bet you guys won't surface for quite some time, since I've got Marvel and DC comics dating back to the 1960s up to now...

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