Chapter 17 - Page 14

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So much for the legendary gun.

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Reply K.K., 14 Apr 2010

Legendary weapons should be sturdier!

Zelander's going all God-mode on Si. Not seeing much hope anywhere, huh.

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Reply Sol, 15 Apr 2010

To be fair, Sarasu is essentially a legendary weapon as well :P.

Reply Sol, 13 May 2010

Replies @Meticulous Maladies: Your commentary amuses me ^_^.

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Reply Meticulous Maladies (Guest), 14 May 2010

Oh! In the next page you should show his face and have his Shades fall in half ;D.
What is the rest of the group doing right now? I mean, they are all there arn't they? What happened to taking him on as a group?
Well, The two most disliked characters in the group did get attacked first...
I just see the rest of 'em off screen sitting on rocks sipping lemonade and watching with disinterest.

EDIT: What do the characters on his swords sheath stand for?

Reply K.K., 15 May 2010

He's already kinda beat up Celene and Masai, and Siska and Stephanie aren't really fighters methinks. Well, it's over a large span of pages, but he's also wiping them out really fast if you think about it (it takes him like maybe 2 hits each to take them out)

I said it on the cover page, but the katakana on the scabbard says "SARASU" which is his sword's name~

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