Chapter 17 - Page 16

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Frankly, I don't think Kai can match his fighting style...

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Reply K.K., 07 May 2010

His sword is huge... OVERCOMPENSATING?

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Reply Sol, 07 May 2010

Haha, he actually explains why he uses such a long sword in a few pages.

Reply Sol, 18 May 2010

Replies @Meticulous Maladies: Haha, yeah, you're right. Luckily he knows what he's doing, heh.

@BlackCatz: No, it doesn't indeed. And yeah, going to the movies alone isn't as fun :/.

Reply K.K., 19 May 2010

I must have social anxiety disorder or something 'cuz I love solo movies.

Though times like that are why it's nice to have a sibling with similar tastes.

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Reply Meticulous Maladies (Guest), 27 May 2010

I am a little late on the reply but... Is it just me that thinks the little missy's expression has a tinge of attraction to the psycho? Mybe it's me but I see it D:<

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