Chapter 17 - Page 22

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Reply K.K., 01 Jun 2010

Nice to see a little uptick on readers. Everybody loves Zelander, I guess.

Continuation from last week. If you ignore the little soliloquy on the previous page.

SO, I just watched the entire Cube series, in preparation for SPLICE this weekend. I'm hoping Splice is better than Cube, 'cuz honestly, the Cube series was kind of ridiculous. The premise was alright in the first and last movies (the middle, HYPERCUBE, was a load of garbage plotwise, though it was probably the one with the best actor in it...)

For those who don't see the connection, Splice has the same director as the original Cube movie (arguably the best one, despite a minimalist budget and somewhat questionable acting / characterization) - Also, Splice looks MEGA-freaky. The scariest thing of all is something sort of human, but just ISN'T (much worse than some demon or monster, really)

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Reply Sol, 01 Jun 2010

Something that isn't so obvious here is the distance between them. After their last exchange, in the panels where he was getting into his stance, he was actually backing up a fair distance. Longer than the length of this sword, anyways. To the untrained eye like Siska's, it appeared that he didn't even move from his position, let alone swing his sword, when he slashed Kai.

While Black Lightning involved just blowing past his opponent and striking all in one motion, Zelander would have had to step forward, slash, and then step back, something a lot harder to do quickly.

Though, the length of Zelander's sword means he doesn't have to make up as much of a difference in distance.

Reply K.K., 02 Jun 2010

NOW 8bit Theatre is done. Kind of bummed that he changed the art style for the last page, but oh well.

Nice little dig at the other FF games, too (covered FF7, FF8, FF9 and FFX there)

Reply Sol, 02 Jun 2010

A bit of FFIV too with Kain there. (At least, I'm pretty sure that Dragoon was supposed to be Kain, since he mentions the moon)

Reply K.K., 03 Jun 2010

I was kinda surprised he made White Mage so tomboysih

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Reply Meticulous Maladies (Guest), 26 Jun 2010

You shoulda had him say "White Thunder" and made a "CRACK" sound in the slash scene because his sword broke the sound barrier. Which would send mr. main character flyi- actually it would'a ripped him in half ._. ... Still. Would'a been badass.

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