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He really didn't care that much, huh...

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Reply K.K., 13 Jul 2010

I will now officially toss my name into the "I hate Miami Heat" hat... with the rest of the sports universe.

And that's the WHOLE universe, because let's be real, there's no actual Miami Heat fans in this world.

Chris Bosh made out like a bandit in all this. He's getting a huge contract (both LeBron and Bosh did sign and trades, I think, though Bosh only got the Raptors half of what LeBron got the Cavs... seriously, Miami has no more draft picks for the next decade) and yet all the hate is on LeBron (when Bosh's departure from Toronto was also kinda shady).

I think people in Toronto had decided a while ago that Bosh was never going to be good enough to lead the team; whenever he was injured, Bargiani pretty much took off, since they are essentially the same player. Brian Colangelo gets a rep for being a great GM, but if you look at his track record, he's been abysmal.

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Reply K.K., 13 Jul 2010

In more Heat, Ilgauskes (however you spell his name) is following LeBron around like a whipped dog. LeBron pretty much bailed on the Cavs because they lacked talent, and now his added "talent" is his old "talent" - makes me laugh.

Necessary I guess, since Bosh had flat out stated he didn't want to play Center anymore. Funniest thing is that the Heat would have their best lineup if Bosh plays the C. If he does it, I think it's a sign that he doesn't really have any spine, doesn't stick to his guns, and pretty much just came up with an excuse to flee Toronto.

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame any of them leaving for Miami. I just feel the whole thing is painfully staged - the special, the twittering, the reality TV show, the media-driven intrigue that they all fanned the flames of, it's all been enough to make a man retch. I'm pretty sure I mispelled many names in these posts.

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