Chapter 19 - Page 9

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Yes, this probably was stolen right out of Dragonball Z (The Cell Saga)

Author's Comments:

Reply K.K., 19 Sep 2010

omg too much text

Reply Advertisement, 21 Aug 2019

Reply Sol, 19 Sep 2010

*laughs at Alt Text* wow, I totally didn't even think of that when I wrote it.

And yes, I apologize, but this isn't the only text heavy page in this chapter. Siska can get a bit wordy at times.

User's Comments:

Reply Vye Brante, 20 Sep 2010

So . . . She can't use computers but she can use robots? Seems like the two go hand in hand to me . . .

Reply Sol, 20 Sep 2010

not really. She's handy with gadgets and mechanics and can pretty much copy any device that she's seen before, even if it's no longer functioning. The robo-fly she built is for the most part RC controlled, though the range is much greater than your ordinary RC. So, nothing to do with computers.

I hope that answers your question.

Reply ThatGuy (Guest), 14 Oct 2010

Think of it like this Brante, she knows how to build the TV remote but not the TV.

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